Small Joys

After my mom died we found a short rhyming prayer among her precious things.  I have no idea who the author was but it was written down in her own hand on a single sheet from a small post-it pad decorated with a sunflower image.  (Her favorite color was yellow.)  This artifact was, is, so much my mom, from her nearly illegible handwriting to the sentiment of the words, that it has become my own precious keepsake, reminding me of her every day.

Lord let me walk the path of every day

and find small joys along the way


I resolved to live by these words and, in honor of my mom, decided to write down at least one Small Joy every day for at least a year.  I'm posting those small joys a few days at a time.  I may lag in performing the updates sometimes due to, well, you know, life...but I will continue to post until the full year's record is complete.

Click the sunflower to see the Small Joys list.