Acrylic on canvas          Private Collection          47.5"H x 47.5"W           I 

                                                                                Click on image for detail views.

This is, of course, about a somewhat counter-intuitive sense perhaps.  The light and the suggestion of exploding motion are pretty straightforward, I guess, but you may ask why these colors? And why the plant forms?  Well, the colors are another type of intensity and radiant energy, whereas the plant forms represent the constant dynamic processes going on even in organic matter.  At the molecular level, I suppose, it's all one.  OK, maybe that's pretty "out there,"  and certainly not very scientific, but, bottom line, I just love the image and the feeling.

A note regarding method: I used just about every implement and technique I'm familiar with on this one - brushing, dripping, pouring, squeegie-smearing and finger-tipping to name a few.  About the only thing I didn't use was a roller (not that I haven't sometimes used those as well).