ART by Tom Leedy                                                                           ellipsis THMB


                                                                                    MATCH POINT                              


                                          46"H x 50"W          Acrylic on canvas          Price: $1,000.00            I  

                                                                           Click on image for detail views.


First and foremost, this painting is my attempt to capture the sheer athleticism apparent in the body of a professional tennis player. The distinguishing characteristic of the top level players, however, as in every sport (perhaps every endeavor) is the mental aspect, the ability to focus on the task at hand, locking out external influences, distractions and pressures.  I hope that, too, is seen in this rendering.

And, OK, I must admit, this is also very much a tribute to Li Na, the funny, supremely hard working and talented athlete who is one of my favorite champions.