Acrylic on Canvas          Private Collection          40"Hx36"W            I  

                                                                                Click on image for detail views.

Originally conceived as a book cover (the Greek lettering spells Homer and ILLiad), the Homeric warriors depicted in this painting are based on examples from ancient Greek vases - beautiful ceramic works executed in what's known as Black Figure and Red Figure technique.  Black Figure vases typically date from the 7th through 5th centuries BC.  The Red Figure technique developed in Athens around 530 BC and remained the dominant form through the late 3rd century BC.  This particular grouping is actually one half of a tableau intended to represent the battle between the Argives and the Trojans over the body of Patroclus, beloved of Achilles.  Some day I will return to this subject and do the other half of the battle group.  In the meantime, my line drawing of the entire group is included in the detail views of this painting.