Artist Statement

In every artwork, my aim is to do something visually arresting and thought-provoking, something to make viewers want to look closely and repeatedly. 

For me, style and media are secondary. Of course, diverse art forms (figurative, abstract, painting, drawing, sculpture...) all have their attractions and their strengths.  I indulge my inclination to practice any and all of them but I work primarily as a painter simply to maintain a practical focus.  

In figurative work, the inherent power of recognizable images helps me to make paintings that evoke a psychological response and an instinctive perception of meaning.  The innumerable subjects available (athletes, dancers, horses...myth, history, politics...) each offer a unique perfection and set of contextual implications to be explored.

In the abstractions, I rely solely on visual characteristics (color, shape, line...) to communicate an idea or a perception. Sometimes I start with a concept such as balance or upheaval and develop abstract elements to express that.  Other times, I start with a few basic components and then, in an action-and-response process of laying down paint, follow where they lead me - always with an eye towards creating movement, space and feeling.

Regardless of style or method, the challenge of capturing a moment, an emotion or a thought and presenting it in a way that others will appreciate is exhilarating!

When that is accomplished, when a viewer’s reaction is “Wow!” and that person wants to ponder and savor the work, then it is successful.  And I am happy.